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Excellent.  I'm waiting, drooling for that podcast, Mary.  <smile>
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  Dana, this is wonderful! Reminds me of times when I was about ten years old  
with my stepdad in the garage and he'd show me the tools he used; I loved 
fooling around with stuff but because I was a girl, it was discouraged when Mom 
was around; but my stepdad let me do some things like control the stick shift 
on his car when we were on the most busy street in town. I wish I had recorded 
his incredibly patient, long explanations of things; he grew up in Wisconsin so 
he'd talk endlessly about how cheese was made. He was station manager for one 
of the west coast airlines so he'd talk about airplanes endlessly and I loved 
every second of it. He knew i loved the space program so one day he brought 
home a book about space and read it to me. He married Mom despite the fact she 
had a wild five year old son and a premature blind daughter; when my sister was 
born he gave her the same individual attention; they sat and looked at comic 
books for hours! 

  I hope others have some great things like this to share. Thanksgiving is next 
week and it's great to remember what we can be thankful for. As for current 
things, I am glad to be living here where the neighbors are quiet; just this 
morning when I got groceries delivered, I ended up with four cans of evaporated 
milk; some poor soul will be missing theirs and there's no way to figure out 
who should have gotten it, but you can bet I'll be doing a holiday baking 
podcast or two! I was going to make pumpkin bread, but it looks like pumpkin 
pudding is more appropriate! It's a lot easier to make anyway. You can even use 
it as pie filling.


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