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That's a cool story.  Thanks for sharing.
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                      Tap Tap Tap
                A short Father's day story
I am my Father's Son
One Saturday morning when I was ten, I wandered into the garage to find my 
Father working.
"What are you making," I ask?
"A stool for mom's kitchen."
I stood for awhile listening to his work.  His tape measure reeling in and out, 
the sound of the saw as it bit quickly thru his wood, and the solid smack
his hammer made as he pounded his nails.
"Let me pound one in," I said.
"Alright," he responded handing me the hammer and a nail.  I was immediately 
struck by the weight of his hammer.  My dad was a big man, standing six foot
six inches tall and weighing 215 pounds; his hammer matched his stature.
"Where do you want me to pound it," I ask.
Taking my hand he showed me where he had already been busily putting nails 
along the top edge of the stool.
"Can you feel the heads of these nails?"
"Yes," I answered.  I began to get a little nervous, wanting to do it right.
"Put yours in front of the last one you feel," he said.
I located the spot and having listened to him work I held the nail upright and 
tapped it a few times to seat it in its hole.  Feeling the nail secure, I
let go and it stayed standing straight.  I had done it right, the way he did.  
This increased my self confidence as I raised his hammer over the nails
head.  Placing its shaft between my first and second fingers on my left hand, I 
sent his hammer crashing down on its head with a solid smack; just like
he did.  Emboldened by my success, I readied his hammer again.  Swinging even 
harder the second time, I sent his hammer crashing down on my index finger.
After ten minutes worth of Father son bonding tears and lots of consoling, my 
Father said.
"Are you ready to try again?"
"Well, alright," I answered not sounding to sure of myself at all.
"Before you start, let me show you something," He said; putting the hammer into 
my hand again.
"You are blind so you may need to find another way to do the same thing as me 
but you'll still get the job done.  Here is what I think you might try.  Instead
of pounding as hard as you can, just continue tapping like you did when you 
were setting the nail."
I did as he said, not feeling any where near as excited as I was the first 
time.  I wanted to pound the nail not just kiddy tap it in.  As I tapped, my
Father spoke to me.
"Sometimes, just the weight of the hammer is enough.  If you swing with all 
your might, you might hurt more than you help.  Now, feel where your nail is,"
their was a tension in his voice.  I felt the nail and was amazed to discover 
that it was more than half way in.  I tapped faster.  With in 15 to 30 seconds
my nail had been driven home.
Submitted on Father's day for your approval in memory of Richard William 
Niswonger, born June 1st, 1926, died, October, 7th, 2004 From his Father's son
Dana Niswonger
"I Have Never Forgotten His Wonderful Lesson!"

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