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Jenny, the person who did the sound forge scripts for JAWS has developed
something called "Hot Spot Clicker."  It is evidently something you can
use to label graphics and then attach a keystroke to them so you can
press the keystroke to have them work rather than looking for them with
the JAWS cursor.  I thought he had a version out that worked with JAWS
6.1.  I know he is having trouble getting it to work with JAWS 7, but I
think I heard that even graphics JAWS could not see could be handled in
this way if you had someone put your mouse on them and you simply
attached a keystroke to them.
Check out
And look under JFW scripts.  I have not used it, and it's obvious from
my ramblings that I don't know much about it, but I'll do some more

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Yes, this is part of my trouble too.  For instance, i hoped that i
could, at least, transfer albums or something to the minidisc, rather
than individual tracks, but even that is graphical.  When i asked
questions a couple of months ago, this was what i was told would be my
main limitation.  at that time, i thought I would need to figure out a
way to script Jaws to read it, but someone told me that even if I could
do that, that the names would still all appear graphical and that there
was no way around this.  So while Ray's instructions wil help us
transfer an entire disc, or to format one, I don't know that we will
ever be able to transfer things to a disc, or to simply copy as you
mentioned because for that we would have to choose individual, files or
groups of files.  These will always be graphical, and will always  be
changing as we edit and create different lists of files and transfer new
files, so these graphics could not be labeled, never mind that windows
may not assign them the same graphicla numbers for labeling anyhow given
that they are not buttons or anything.  basically, as I understand it,
there is no way around it.  I too had hoped to keep things on the
minidiscs, labeling them and organizing them even if I did move to the
computer, and it looks like the only way we can still do this is to
record in real time or to have a sighted person do this.  It's very
frustrating that there is only one program that can be used for these
purposes, because it isn't as though we can try soemthing else that will
work better.  And I don't think there are enough of us using these
things for someone to create something that will.  
I am a bit frustrated because i really like the minidisc format for
several reasons, and i like the quality of the recorder for its price.

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Hi all, I just installed the latest version of Sonic Stage for the Mini
Disk recorder I have.  Unlike the previous software, this version says
that it will now let one import tracks from the recorder to the computer
more than once.  However, when I follow the instructions Ray sent the
other day and go to Transfer and click on Device, it makes me initialize
my Minidisk as it transfers the files just like it did before.  But,
when my wife clicks on the files with the mouse, it will transfer them
without having me initialize the disk. However, here is the problem.
Both the song titles and the arrow one clicks on to decide if you are
transferring from the computer or from the mini disk recorder are all
graphical and JAWS will not read them.  I can't even click on the songs
in my play list or library or whatever they call it.  Has anyone found a
way to click on individual tracks by using a screen reader, or does
someone know something I don't know?  I know, lots of people know things
I don't know, and I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this question.
Thanks for your help.
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