[bct] Re: Announcing a podcast for blind musicians.

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Me too! this is wonderful!

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  Cool, very cool, I will be there.


  Paul (UK)


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  Hey folks. Just wanted to let you all know that a podcast has started for 
Blind Musicians, producers, engineers, and industry professionals, or those 
espiring to work in the field. It's called The Midi Mag Podcast,and runs in 
cunjunction with the Midi Mag discussion list at www.midimag.org. It's a weekly 
podcast featuring content provided by our list members. Check out the first 
episode, which features Neal Ewers' presentation of the microphone 
demonstration, which originally aired on March 23rd of Blind Cool Tech. There 
is also a  demonstration of Cubass S X, and an in-depth demonstration of 
building a musician's website using Host Baby, www.hostbaby.org. So come on 
over and check us out.


  Feed: feeds.feedburner.com/midimag

  blog: midimag.livejournal.com 

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