[bct] An easier way to upload podcasts?

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if you are in Internet Explorer and click on the link on the contact
page that is the path to the ftp site, all you have to do is wait until
the page loads, type in the password, and then copy your file from
windows explorer or my computer to the ftp window.  It's just like
copying a file from one place to another on your hard drive except that
you have to first copy the file to the clipboard in my computer and then
alt tab to the ftp window where you paste it in.  This doesn't notify
Larry of the upload, but you can simply send him a message about that.
The only hitch with 

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There's also a browse button, which to me, is easier than having to type
all that information in.  That's all I can say, as I have only used
yousendit once, and don't really remember much about it.
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Hello: this has probably been asked ten thousand times.  I am attempting
to send a file to the BCT podcast group via 
yousendit.com.  I fill in the email address, add mine as a confirmation,
and then tab to the file I want to upload.  I type the name of the file
in with all of the above in forms mode with Jaws version 7, and press
tab.  Nothing happens.  I finally get speech back and go to the you
send.gif button and press enter.  Forms mode stays on and there is no
evidence that the file is being transferred.  I've been round the circle
four times and am getting nowhere.  What's the hidden key here?  Thanks.
Dick, Donna, Clayton, Mizzy, Bart and Ginger

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