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Amazing Amanda Interactive Baby Doll
I was interested in Donna's doll and copied a few web pages of information on 
the doll below.

12/11/2005 by Donna Slater
Donna discusses and demonstrates this doll she wishes we had when she was a 
young blind child. 10.7 MB
This is the link for the demo file,

Toys"R"Us Price:  $109.99
Wal-Mart Price: $89.97

Interactive large Amazing Amanda doll utilizes voice recognition, sensory 
technology and articulated animatronics
Dressed in a pink floral jumper and striped shirt, Amazing Amanda speaks when 
getting potty trained and pretends to eat her food
Includes a change of outfits and 14 accessories such as potty, toothbrush, 
toddler dish, brush, 6 servings of play food, and three spoons

Size: 18High x 3-3/4Wide x 9Long"
4 C batteries required.

Amazing Amanda has voice recognition, sensory technology and articulated 
anima-tronics to offer the most complete and revolutionary nurturing play. She
comes with a variety of accessories to which she reacts in an intelligent 
manner - recognizing what each item is.

In short, this is an amazing doll. In many ways she is like a little person for 
my daughter to care of. She has a distinct personality and a lot of fun
play. My daughter has played with her for hours and she still says new things!

I think the previous bad review may have been related to the age of the child, 
which was four. The box says five and up. As far as the reliability of the
speech recognition, my own daughter can get the doll to work almost all the 
time. Granted my daughter is seven and has a clear voice. I would NOT recommend
this toy to anyone whose daughter has a speech impediment or is a soft talker. 
(Of course the doll might teach your daughter how to speak louder, which
may be a plus.)

Also it states clearly in the instructions that you need to be in a QUIET room, 
which really is a no-brainer for a product like this. Anyone who has used
cell phones or other speech-recognition products knows the drill. Kids however 
(especially very young ones) dont. So you do have to teach them a bit.

So how does she play? Well the setup is a bit of a pain. You have to set her 
time and date, and then Amanda  asks for your daughter (who she calls Mommy) to 
say her name a few times
so Amanda  can learn your daughter's voice. Then she teaches your daughter how 
to play with her.

Here are some of the things I've seen her do:
- ask for and go potty. (This is funny and a bit gross. As a man I don't get it 
but my daughter loves it.)
- eat. (You feed her all kinds of food, which she knows when you put it in her 
mouth. Feed her the wrong thing and she knows and comments about it.)
- play games. (She sings and plays some animal sounds game. Pretty cute.)
- get sick. (you hug her to make her feel better)

She also knows the general time of day, and the holidays, and has things to say 
about that, too. Another thing is her face is pretty expressive. She will
actually pout and put on a sad face in some situations. Her eyebrows move too.

What I can't get over is all you get for the price. For basically the cost of 
two high-end dolls that do nothing, you get a doll that is almost alive. This
is so much more interactive.

recommended age: 4 - 8 years

Advanced voice recognition, sensory response and animatronics technologies 
enable lifelike interaction
Amazing Amanda learns to recognize her "mommy's" voice
She also recognizes objects such as her outfits, toothbrush, sippy cup, various 
foods and her potty
She expresses real emotions, such as smiling when happy or pouting when told 
She engages in two-way communication with realistic facial expressions and 
She can go "potty" and can even be used to promote potty training
She keeps track of date and time, and offers reminders of upcoming holidays
She has an internal clock which can be used as a lovable alarm clock, and may 
help establish a normal sleeping and waking schedule for your child
Comes with accessories, pretend food, outfits and more
She stands 18 inches tall
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company press release
Amazing Amanda speaks, eats, responds to objects, recognizes her 'Mommy' and 
shows emotions. Her realistic facial expressions and sounds [combine] with
her ability to intelligently respond to stimuli and her mommy's voice. Amanda 
can respond and recognize her own outfits; toothbrush; food and beverages
such as juice in a sippy cup, a sandwich, cookie; and even her own potty. she 
knows what day and time it is, and can remind her Mommy about upcoming holiday's
including Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day..Amazing Amanda will 
respond with words, sounds and expressions to indicate if she wants to eat. 
When Amanda
receives something she doesn't want, such as the wrong food or if her Mommy 
says 'no,' she demonstrates the sounds, expressions and emotions a young toddler
would, simulating the closest thing to a real mother and child interactive 

From WiredIssue 13.12 -
December 2005
She's Alive!
By Patrick Di Justo

Amazing Amanda really is amazing: She talks, senses, and understandsthe world 
around her far better than many toddlers. She speaks English in charmingly
not-quite-grammatical sentences. She tells time and adjusts for daylight 
savings. She identifies what she's wearing and complains if she doesn't like it.
Best of all, she comes toilet trained. Amanda can do all this and more with 
just 32 megabits of memory. While her repertoire of actions is limited and
repetitious (and, really, what kid's isn't?), what she can do is so realistic 
it's scary.
Amazing Amanda: $100 (ages 4 and up),

Voice recognition
After a brief setup of her clock and calendar, Amanda establishes who her 
"mommy" is (using voice rec to remember her primary caregiver) and can 
50 spoken words. Her comprehension isn't perfect - several times Amanda failed 
to identify my baritone voice as Mommy. But she did politely offer to play
with me until Mommy came back.

In addition to singing and making animal noises (oink!), Amanda plays Funny 
Face. She announces an emotion, such as sadness, and microactuators in her face
contort her features into approximations of that feeling. The faces are coupled 
with appropriate sounds. (Sorry, no real tears - the instruction manual
warns that Amanda is, uh, allergic to water.)

Amanda's plastic food (included) is embedded with RFIDs. If she asks for a 
cookie and you serve her spaghetti, she protests. RFID sensors in her neck tell
her what she has on (additional outfits available this spring); sensors in her 
rear alert her when she's on the potty (included); and sensors in her scalp
remind her that you're brushing her hair, which she loves.

"Playmates has always been a leader in incorporating the latest technology into 
toys," said Nancy Goldblum, Vice President of
Marketing at Playmates Toys. "Now we've raised the bar on doll play with 
remarkably realistic eye movements and sound effects that react to how a child 
plays with and nurtures her doll," 

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