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My mother used to put dolls in bed with me and I'd push them out during the
night, or throw them out.  On the other hand, our boxer puppy was more than
welcome to sleep with me even if my parents did not think so.  

Rose Combs

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I couldn't get into dolls either. All I could think of to do was line them 
up like they were in bed. Then they would just lie there and I never knew 
what to do with them. I had a lot more fun with the neighbor boys' erector 
set, but Mom didn't buy me one; I guess she didn't quite figure out that 
there was something more immediate about science than there was about just a

doll that you couldn't do much with. I never got interested in animals till 
college when my family got a puppy who was incredibly responsive and 
affectionate. She was a pet and not a guide dog of course, but guide dog 
users will certainly understand the bond a person can have with an animal; 
but I think the guide dog bond is a bit more special; it's still a bond, 
though, and you never forget it. You are fortunate that you understood that 
as a child.


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