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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 22:36:54 +1300

My partner' brought home a black pudding a few months back. One of the people 
he works for gave it to him. I won't tell you what it looked like but it looked 
quite disgusting to me. Actually it just looked like a sausage really but it 
was warm when Dave brought it home and urgh. We gave it to my father who 
thought it was great. I had heard of black pudding before so guess some people 
here in New Zealand do eat it. That's probably because of many people having 
come here from the UK. Black pudding didn't appeal to me though.

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  Hi Mary,
  I don't know about the Alaskans but there is something called blood pudding 
that my mom used to eat.  Maria confirms that its ingredients are intestines of 
some sort.  Needless to say, I wouldn't go near it.

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    I heard once that there is something called blood pudding, that Alaskan 
natives used to eat; it consists of algae and plankton and other intestinal 
contents that whales and other water mammals eat. Is that true? How else would 
those people have gotten their vegetables? Not sure if I got the name right.


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