[bct] Re: Adobe Audition and related studio matters

  • From: "Kai" <kaixiong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:45:53 -0800

Greetings Matt.

A summary of your message, along with my responses to certain statements
and questions (denoted by asterisks) follows:

When I bought my Milestone311 digital recorder, Neal reported that
SoundForge would not open those files, so I bought WavePad for that.
WavePad does things SoundForge doesn't do, such as insert files in a
and it comes with other programs you can use.
* You can insert a file into another, but the way I do it is a bit
circuitous. Open your destination and source file(s) (destination file
being the document you wish to modify, source being the files containing
data you wish to extract). Select as much data as you wish from the
source file(s), and copy it to the clipboard. Switch to your destination
file and do a CTRL-V for an insert paste, or CTRL-M for a mix paste.
Note that if the destination and source material are of differing
sampling rates, you may have to convert one or the other.

I'm curious how Larry puts the music on his podcast episodes at the
beginning and end, because I don't think Studio Recorder allows you to
I'm guessing he uses another sound editor for that.  Larry, can you
on this?
* If you've updated Studio Recorder, read the change log. There's
detailed information in there about crossfades, mixing, etc.

How do I put the information on the podcast episodes I send to BCT, such
title, artist, and album as BCT? I can't find anything in SoundForge
tells me how to do it.  I have not checked the other two editors to see
they have an easy way to do it.
* While in the Save dialog, tab to the summary button. You can define
file title, artist, etc from within the resulting dialog.
* Alternatively, you can highlight the file in a folder view, then hit
alt-enter to access the file's properties. Switch to the summary tab,
and fill in the data here. (Note: You may have to click the Advanced
button to reveal more fields.)
* To Fill in the data on a particular entry (Artist, album, etc),
highlight the entry in the list view, then simply start typing. You'll
be moved into an edit box. Hit enter when finished.


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