[bct] Re: Adobe Audition and related studio matters

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I use Rhapsody and the Real Music Store to download my music, and use
Realplayer to burn it on CD.  I have three sound programs on my computer.
Why three you ask? I started with SoundForge but it kept crashing on my
desktop computer.  I would be in the midddle of editing something, and it
would stop responding.  I would hit Alt-F4, and get the message that asks if
I want to submit an error report.  I did once, but I'm not doing it again.
It crashes on my laptop too!
When I bought my Milestone311 digital recorder, Neal reported that
SoundForge would not open those files, so I bought WavePad for that.
WavePad does things SoundForge doesn't do, such as insert files in a file,
and it comes with other programs you can use.
Now I have discovered Studio Recorder, so I'll be using that too.  Depending
on what I'm doing, will determine what sound editing program I use.

I'm curious how Larry puts the music on his podcast episodes at the
beginning and end, because I don't think Studio Recorder allows you to mix.
I'm guessing he uses another sound editor for that.  Larry, can you comment
on this?
How do I put the information on the podcast episodes I send to BCT, such as
title, artist, and album as BCT? I can't find anything in SoundForge that
tells me how to do it.  I have not checked the other two editors to see if
they have an easy way to do it.

                  Matt Roberts

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> I fear that you are quite correct.  I tried Adobe Audition 
> version 2.0 and I was so let down.  The special scripts do 
> not work at all because so much of the structure of the 
> windows has changed.  the author of the scripts has informed 
> me that, at the moment, he hasn't the time to devote to 
> making the changes necessary to make the scripts work with 
> Adobe Audition 2.0.  I also noticed quite a good deal of 
> sluggishness with the controls.  When I press the space bar 
> to start playing a file, I expect it to be there RIGHT, 
> AWAY!!!  With Audition 2.0, there is at least half a second 
> before any command is executed in my machine.  this could 
> well be a buffering issue but I'm not sure.  Frankly, I feel 
> like the official recording industry is saying to the blind, 
> "well, if you can't use "pro tools, scre you blind person.  
> You have no place among us.".  How's that for a kick in the 
> stomach?  Then again, let me ask us all something here.  Now, 
> be honest with ourselves.  How many of us want to work in the 
> traditional way for an industry hell bent on suing some of us 
> for getting music how ever we can because the so-called 
> approved sites are not accessible?  I do not propose to give 
> my own answer as yet but would like to hear the thoughts of 
> others first.
> Sincerely yours,
> The Constantly Barefoot,
> Ray
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> In a recent podcast Larry played a message from the comment line about
> the inaccessibility of Adobe Audition.  Though I don't own it, I still
> use Cool Edit, I understand that Audition 2.0 is not that accessible.
> However, version 1.5 works great with some Jaws scripting.  I 
> know that
> it does an outstanding job of click-pop-crackle removal on 
> vinyl tracks.
> I'm hoping to get Audition 1.5 while it is still around.  I have a
> 1-month trial version which I will try to run soon.  Cool Edit does so
> much of what I need including audible representation of various peak
> levels.  This feature is possible in Audition 1.5, too, of course.
> Rob Fairclough

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