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I fear that you are quite correct.  I tried Adobe Audition version 2.0 and I 
was so let down.  The special scripts do not work at all because so much of 
the structure of the windows has changed.  the author of the scripts has 
informed me that, at the moment, he hasn't the time to devote to making the 
changes necessary to make the scripts work with Adobe Audition 2.0.  I also 
noticed quite a good deal of sluggishness with the controls.  When I press 
the space bar to start playing a file, I expect it to be there RIGHT, 
AWAY!!!  With Audition 2.0, there is at least half a second before any 
command is executed in my machine.  this could well be a buffering issue but 
I'm not sure.  Frankly, I feel like the official recording industry is 
saying to the blind, "well, if you can't use "pro tools, scre you blind 
person.  You have no place among us.".  How's that for a kick in the 
stomach?  Then again, let me ask us all something here.  Now, be honest with 
ourselves.  How many of us want to work in the traditional way for an 
industry hell bent on suing some of us for getting music how ever we can 
because the so-called approved sites are not accessible?  I do not propose 
to give my own answer as yet but would like to hear the thoughts of others 

Sincerely yours,
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In a recent podcast Larry played a message from the comment line about
the inaccessibility of Adobe Audition.  Though I don't own it, I still
use Cool Edit, I understand that Audition 2.0 is not that accessible.
However, version 1.5 works great with some Jaws scripting.  I know that
it does an outstanding job of click-pop-crackle removal on vinyl tracks.
I'm hoping to get Audition 1.5 while it is still around.  I have a
1-month trial version which I will try to run soon.  Cool Edit does so
much of what I need including audible representation of various peak
levels.  This feature is possible in Audition 1.5, too, of course.

Rob Fairclough

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