[bct] Adobe Audition

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:34:53 -0800

In a recent podcast Larry played a message from the comment line about
the inaccessibility of Adobe Audition.  Though I don't own it, I still
use Cool Edit, I understand that Audition 2.0 is not that accessible.
However, version 1.5 works great with some Jaws scripting.  I know that
it does an outstanding job of click-pop-crackle removal on vinyl tracks.
I'm hoping to get Audition 1.5 while it is still around.  I have a
1-month trial version which I will try to run soon.  Cool Edit does so
much of what I need including audible representation of various peak
levels.  This feature is possible in Audition 1.5, too, of course.

Rob Fairclough

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