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MessageWell, I've had about five DVD players since the format was launched in 
'97, and it's been my experience that any DVD players are usable by a blind 
person.  Now, there's no DVD where you don't need to read menus, because a DVD 
movie is basically a piece of software, and each DVD has its own menus--which 
is why an accessable DVD player is such a difficult achievement.  You'd 
essentially have to have a screenreader in the player, and then have it capable 
of reading letters in whatever font the menus were made with.

I recommend getting a DVD player with a remote that has its buttons sectioned 
off, if you will--particularly the arrow keys.  Most are like this, and it 
makes using the remote easy once you memorize the layout.  99% of the time, 
when a menu starts to play, if you just hit Enter, the movie will begin.  
Finding extras and such can take some trial-and-error navigating with your 
remote if you have no sighted assistance, but it's doable.  I've only had one 
or two cases where I absolutely couldn't access content without sighted 
assistance, and I own over 350 DVDs, and have rented many more.

Hope this helps.

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  I've always thought I didn't need a dvd player to go with my livingroom tv, 
but my daughter asked this morning if we could get one.  She has been looking 
at them here and there and she says it doesn't appear that any are very usable 
by a blind person.  Does anyone know of a dvd player that is at least basically 
usable without needing to read menus?


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