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I did my shopping for DVD players a couple years ago and at that time
Panasonic was about the only one I could find that didn't require you to
connect your player to a TV in order to see the instructions on the
screen.  Of course, if this is for people who will be using it with a
TV, that's OK, but if you simply want to connect it to your stereo to
serve to play CDs or the audio from DVDs, almost all of the players now
do not show the menu on the player itself.  As I said, the Panasonic
players did a couple years ago, but I haven't been shopping for them

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I've always thought I didn't need a dvd player to go with my livingroom
tv, but my daughter asked this morning if we could get one.  She has
been looking at them here and there and she says it doesn't appear that
any are very usable by a blind person.  Does anyone know of a dvd player
that is at least basically usable without needing to read menus?

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