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Hello Jamie,
I didn't get to tell you that I also enjoyed this podcast.
Thank you.

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It's sort of a back door method, but what about Ebates. You get cash back
while you shop. Go to www.accesswatch.info and click on Ebates under the
"Other links of interest" section of the page. You get $5 everytime someone
signs up under your name. You don't earn a percentage of what they make,
just the flat $5. Ebates supports over 800 stores with varying returns from
1 percent to $18 cash back if you join Net Flix. They also have a tool that
you can download which redirects you through their site if you go to a store
which they support. A sighted friend says he has noticed no spyware
associated with this site. There isn't much in the way of promotional
e-mails. The only inconvenience to the Mo Money Maker tool is that is slows
you down a bit when you are redirected through the Ebates site. You
certainly don't have to install the tool and can just go to ebates.com and
find stores of interest from there.

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Well, since Darrell mentioned his, I'll mention mine:
Or, to see the catalog:

Watkins has been a lot of fun, both because of the people in our group
(which are all just real genuine down-to-earth folk) and because the
products are things we use anyway and are just excellent.
Not that I have a bias. This one's great for blind guys, because Watkins
will ship to your customers, but if you want to deliver to your customers,
the stuff is easy to carry. Lots of accessible material is available: many
PDF's direct from Watkins, plus more exclusive to our team, and I'm working
on getting the mainline catalog on CD (for distributors and blind
customers), but it's sort of a work in progress, you might say. Which is a
long way of saying that it's not done yet.

I'm also investigating eBay. Ebooks on eBay. I'll keep you posted on how
that goes. (Especially with some of the cookbooks as being a starter to
getting people who might look at Watkins!)
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