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However, with the added SD card, which of course one has to pay for,
this is quite a lot of storage space.  The thing that might simply kill
this recorder for me is how good the recorder limiter is.  I notice on
the Olympus I have and those that others have used on their podcasts,
that you can definitely hear the limiter working.  This is true
especially if you are recording in a room that has some noise and you
speak loudly all of a sudden.  You hear the noise get quieter as the
limiter turns down the volume to keep from distorting.  This also
happens when people are talking and a large truck or some other noisy
object goes by.  The volume of the truck has to be turned down to keep
from being distorted, and thus the voice is turned down as well.  The
other problem is that it is simply MP3, although the KBPS is quite high.
If one is going to edit the podcast, one is still going from a
compressed format back to wav and then back again to a compressed
format.  However, I may give this a try and see how well it works, this
is, of course, provided that there is a return policy if I don't like


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Agreed; my Olympus 320M with a gig of memory cost a little over $200. 


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