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Most times. There are some movies where the audio button on the remote doesn't work. Universal Studios movies tend to be this way, as do many of the older Disney releases (older in terms of when the DVD was released, now how old the film is). "Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas" has a DVS track, but it's not accessable with the audio button on the remote. You must access it with the menus. Now, while it's true the menus do talk, in order to make them talk you need to press a sequence of buttons on your remote ... and the way to learn about that is to access the DVS track. <Sigh> Go fig.

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There is an audio button on the remotes of DVD players. This button cycles
between languages and also DVS.

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Hey, Mary, can you turn on and off the DVS on DVDs?  Beth

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