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Hi Jamie:

I think I asked you this once before, and I think you said it didn't, does your sight accept audio reviews? If it doesn't, it might be worth thinking about. Perhaps we could set up some kind of reference to each other's sites.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I need to update the site a bit and add a few
reviews. The biggest problem with the site is that we have a lot more users
than reviewers. I think everyone enjoys sitting back and reading reviews,
but most people don't think about adding one themselves. I didn't review
products much until I put up the web site. I see the need to contribute now.
The site has been up for about 10 months and we've made some good progress.

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Thanks for the story of your friend with cerebral palsy; for a while, there
was a remarkable lady working in IBM as a programmer. Her condition was so
challenging that she was in a wheel chair and her speech was very difficult
to understand, but she insisted on driving herself to work and living
independently as much as possible. Both my computer instructors were
quadraplegiacs, one with a similar condition as my IBM colleague.

Your web site is well put together and the service offered is useful; I
haven't had much to contribute lately but have gotten some good feedback and
questions about software I've reviewed.. It's a handy service and a great
way to find out what works for blind people and what doesn't.


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