[bct] Re: ACB radio announcements, time to move on

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Sam, You know that Larry is the man, of course, and if I say something
bad about his choice, he will only sick Jake on me and then I am done.
Seriously, I would need to know about what you want to do with the
recorder.  Larry is right in that the most accessible recorder thus far
is the Olympus models.  Of course, then there is the milestone which has
even more accessibility built in.  This recorder was not available when
Larry made his assessment.  The real question is, how much of your need
is for accessibility and how much is for as good a recording quality as
you can afford.  There are a number of recorders on the market that do a
better job of recording than the Olympus, but they are not accessible
without either memorizing menus or keeping notes on what menu does what.
So, when I know where you are on this issue, perhaps I can better answer
your question.  And of course, the other thing one would need to know is
how much are you willing to spend on a recorder.  I'm not being
intentionally vague, but it's a large field and it helps to know where
you are with regard to the above questions.

I'll try to help if I can.


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Hi Neal,

I have heard several reviews on digital audio recorders.
Larry thinks the Olympus 320 is the best all around for the blind. What
is your view? I am thinking about buying one and am not sure what one I
want yet. Your opinion would be most helpful. Thanks Sam Bushman

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> OK, let's move on people.  You can have your own opinions, but the 
> fact that they differ from someone elses is no more cause to take up 
> people's valuable time on this list than the advertisement itself.  
> So, I suggest we drop it and move on with other things.
> Thanks for your consideration.
> Neal

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