[bct] Re: ACB radio announcements and hue g. rection

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Hi Allison,

Since when does saying you have a huge d### make you have a sense of 
humor???  I suggest that maybe he should grow up and act like an adult.  The 
name isn't approiate for a list having minors on it.  I personally don't 
care what name he chooses to use but lets at least keep it clean.



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Subject: [bct] Re: ACB radio announcements and hue g. rection

He's a really great guy with a great sense of humor, as his name might
clearly suggests. Lighten up people! This is the 21st century!
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> hi.  I agree, ACB Radio announcements should be kept to the
> appropriate list.  I was not particularly offended by Hue G Rection's
> name, in fact I found it humorous, but remember that's just me. I
> know some others don't. Let's not go all crazy here people.
> and remember, nobody is suggesting that BCT has gone x-rated folks,
> to date I have not heard one single utterance of a curse word on any
> of the casts, so if nothing else, we're safe on that score. Like
> others have said, I'm quite sure we can all use common sense.  If you
> don't like someone's messages, you also have the option of filtering
> that person's messages to the trash. That way you can remain on the
> list, yet you won't have to see their messages.
> Remember you have lots of options available to you, don't let one
> person destroy it for you.
> At 12:34 PM 3/16/2006, you wrote:
> >I'm in complete agreement with the others who have discussed this issue.
> >BCT should be a friendly and fun environment, where we shouldn't
> >have to worry that we're going to read something inappropriate or
> >offensive. It's not just the fact that kids shouldn't have to read
> >such things, but some adults have no desire to read these things
> >either. I think everyone can use common sense and good judgement,
> >and know what is and is not appropriate to post. I thoroughly enjoy
> >BCT, and hope to keep doing so!
> >Sincerely, Jamie D.
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> >Subject: [bct] Re: ACB radio announcements and hue g. rection
> >
> >
> >>Greetings Mary, Hope, etc:
> >>
> >>I'm fully inclined to agree with you about such announcements and
> >>materials. I for one want to keep the list appropriate enough for my
> >>little sisters to be able to join. I don't want to have to wonder if
> >>their messages are appropriate or not before kids see them.
> >>
> >>Now, on that same token, I know that most of us are adults, so if
> >>someone really needs to ask a question of such an intimate nature, I'm
> >>sure it'd be alright. There are, however, limits to this view.
> >>Lets keep everything in good taste.
> >>
> >>Yes. There are plenty of announcement lists for internet radio
> >>broadcasts and such. Please relegate your announcements to applicable
> >>lists. While I'm sure you want as many people tuning in as possible,
> >>there are certain avenues which are more appropriate for such
> >>advertisement.
> >>
> >>True enough that we can just delete these messages. That, however, isn't
> >>the issue. It's more the point that we want to stay within the scope of
> >>BCT. To my view, BCT is not an advertisement center. We may promote
> >>products we love, but there's definitely a difference between promotion
> >>by pride and raw advertisement.
> >>
> >>Just want you guys to get the heads up on this issue. Ultimately, it
> >>will be up to Larry and Neal to decide on the subject matter of the
> >>list, so their input will be the final on this matter.
> >>
> >>But please. Lets remain objective, lets remain appropriate, and lets
> >>remain friendly.
> >>
> >>Kai
> >>
> >>
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> >>Subject: [bct] ACB radio announcements and hue g. rection
> >>
> >>
> >>Hi list,
> >>
> >>I agree with Hope on this one. There are plenty of people on the ACB
> >>Radio
> >>announcements list and ACB Radio friends list who would like to receive
> >>this
> >>radio broadcast announcement, but I agree with Hope that this BCT list
> >>is
> >>not the place for it. keep announcements in announcements list.
> >>
> >>While we're at it, I got a post yesterday from that Hue G. Rection
> >>character. If that person doesn't choose to change his ID, I, for one,
> >>choose to block him from my in-box. Regardless of whether or not it
> >>makes
> >>him think of his old girl friend, I don't like the sexual references
> >>that
> >>are implied; this is supposed to be a list in good taste that people can
> >>
> >>allow their children to subscribe to and parents can feel that it's
> >>safe; so
> >>can we please keep the bad language and adolescent sexual nonsense out
> >>of
> >>here? If you don't, then I can choose to unsubscribe, which i will do if
> >>
> >>this sort of thing keeps intruding.
> >>
> >>Enough said.
> >>
> >>Mary Emerson
> >>E-mail: maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >>Skype name: mkemerson
> >>Podcast web site: http://www.emerson.libsyn.com
> >>Podcast feed: emerson.libsyn.com/rss
> >>
> >>
> >

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