[bct] Re: ACB radio announcements and hue g. rection

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I'm in complete agreement with the others who have discussed this issue.
BCT should be a friendly and fun environment, where we shouldn't have to worry that we're going to read something inappropriate or offensive. It's not just the fact that kids shouldn't have to read such things, but some adults have no desire to read these things either. I think everyone can use common sense and good judgement, and know what is and is not appropriate to post. I thoroughly enjoy BCT, and hope to keep doing so!
Sincerely, Jamie D.
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Greetings Mary, Hope, etc:

I'm fully inclined to agree with you about such announcements and
materials. I for one want to keep the list appropriate enough for my
little sisters to be able to join. I don't want to have to wonder if
their messages are appropriate or not before kids see them.

Now, on that same token, I know that most of us are adults, so if
someone really needs to ask a question of such an intimate nature, I'm
sure it'd be alright. There are, however, limits to this view.
Lets keep everything in good taste.

Yes. There are plenty of announcement lists for internet radio
broadcasts and such. Please relegate your announcements to applicable
lists. While I'm sure you want as many people tuning in as possible,
there are certain avenues which are more appropriate for such

True enough that we can just delete these messages. That, however, isn't
the issue. It's more the point that we want to stay within the scope of
BCT. To my view, BCT is not an advertisement center. We may promote
products we love, but there's definitely a difference between promotion
by pride and raw advertisement.

Just want you guys to get the heads up on this issue. Ultimately, it
will be up to Larry and Neal to decide on the subject matter of the
list, so their input will be the final on this matter.

But please. Lets remain objective, lets remain appropriate, and lets
remain friendly.


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Hi list,

I agree with Hope on this one. There are plenty of people on the ACB
announcements list and ACB Radio friends list who would like to receive
radio broadcast announcement, but I agree with Hope that this BCT list
not the place for it. keep announcements in announcements list.

While we're at it, I got a post yesterday from that Hue G. Rection
character. If that person doesn't choose to change his ID, I, for one,
choose to block him from my in-box. Regardless of whether or not it
him think of his old girl friend, I don't like the sexual references
are implied; this is supposed to be a list in good taste that people can

allow their children to subscribe to and parents can feel that it's
safe; so
can we please keep the bad language and adolescent sexual nonsense out
here? If you don't, then I can choose to unsubscribe, which i will do if

this sort of thing keeps intruding.

Enough said.

Mary Emerson
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