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I have not seen anything that suggests what the battery life is, but I
suspect using an SD card versus a flash card may make some difference.
SD cards are faster, so that might offset the size of the card with
respect to batteries.  And yes folks, remember, we are talking about a
different storage medium here.  Most of us have flash cards we use for
other things, but I don't happen to own and SD card because I haven't
had the need to buy one.  The 64 meg card the recorder comes with will
only give you a little over 11 minutes of recording at 44100 and 16 bit.
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even if you get triple the battery life that is saying something.

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I think there have been some assumptions on this list that the r-9 will
be less accessible than the r-1.  While that may turn out to be the
case, I don't think I would decide that question quite yet.  After all,
no one has reviewed it.  It may turn out to be that it is just
different.  On first glance, that is hard, because people have gotten
used to the r-1, but different is not necessarily bad.  I'm not saying
that it will be accessible, I just don't know at the moment.  I will be
looking to purchase about 20 recorders in this type of quality range for
a project I am working on.  I'm certainly going to wait until we know
more about the r-9.  If the r-1 is satisfactory for you, go ahead and
purchase it.  However, if you don't need it at this very minute, I would
wait and see what the new recorder has to offer.
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