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Hi Neal,
The installation is pretty straight forward.  We use to think it was
necessary to use an older version that included a "call list", but the
latest versions work well with both Window-Eyes and Jaws as far as reading
the contact list.  
One of the trickier parts is filling out the profile because all the fields
don't speak well.  The first edit field just says edit, but it is asking for
your full name.  I believe the second field is for country and is already
set to United States.  There are two edit boxes after country and I'm not
sure what the first one is.  The second one is for your e-mail and is
required.  No one will see your e-mail and they don't give it out.  
Once you have it installed, pull down the tools menu and press enter on add
a contact.  That will bring up a dialog where you can put in someone's Skype
userid or their e-mail address.  You then tab to the search button and it
will find them.  Once it finds someone, it will send them a request to be
added to your contacts.  
On the main screen, there is an edit box where you can type in a Skype
userid and press enter to call someone, or you can tab once to the contact
list.  You should be able to arrow down the contact list to see people who
have agreed to be in your list.  You can just press enter on their name if
they are not off-line and call them.  
At the bottom of the tools menu is options.  There isn't much in there you
need to change, but I recommend that you choose to only those in your
contact list to call or chat with you.  That is in the privacy tab of
options.  There is also a hotkey tab where you should check the box that
says enable global hotkeys.  That will allow you to answer or hang-up calls
from anywhere in Windows with alt plus page-up and alt plus page-down.  
It is a little annoying that Skype pops up and grabs your focus when someone
calls, but you can alt-f4 out of Skype once you have answered without losing
the call.  Do remember that pressing the escape key while in Skype will
hang-up the call.  
It sounds more complicated than it is, but if you want me to help you via
the phone, let me know by e-mail and I'll send you my number via your
personal address.  

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OK, OK.  I should be hog tied for not keeping the messages people sent on
Skype a few weeks ago, but I didn't think I had a need for it at that time.
Well, wrong again.  One always finds a need for such things.  Could someone
write me off list with some suggestions as to how I quickly understand how
skype works and how to use it?  I appreciate your help in advance.  On the
other hand, if there are people on the list who have also lacked foresight
on this matter, perhaps they may want to know also.  Either way works.
Thanks for your help.  I promise to be good now.

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