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The basic is what you want.


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I doubt that a recorder can benefit from anything other than the basic 
speed. The high-performance cards are usually intended for use in
cameras where it's important (especially for professionals such as
photographers) to be able to take multiple shots in just one or two
Usually, there's a published "recovery time" for digital cameras and
can be significantly reduced by using the faster cards. Since this
apply to recording, I don't think you need to waste the money on
but the most basic card.

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Hello list folks.
I'm expecting to get my Edirol R-09 very soon and have started
prepairing for its arrival. I want to buy a 2 Gig SD card and have been
shopping around to get the best price. Here comes my question: When i
was talking to a computer shop the other day about these cards, the
fellow on the phone asked me whether i wanted a standard, an ultra or an
Xtreme card. -- Are there more than one type of cards? i asked, feeling
the confusion start to rize in me. I thought that an SD card was one
card and not that i had to choose between cards with different speeds
and the like and the Lord knows what else, so could someone help an
utterly confused soul and answer this question: What should be used in a
recorder meant for high-end recording such as the Edirol R-09? Thanks,
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