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You're both on! Neal, I think a section on scotch would be appropriate as well.

How about treating each section as a separate file, that way, someone could be in charge of each section. I guess we could split responsibility for the scotch section among Dan, Neal, Beth, and me.

Who wants what section! This is fun. I'll take a crack at the listening to podcasts section. It needs some updating (and a cast) about IE 7.

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I would also be willing to help if this is a direction Larry wants to
go.  And as for those expensive mikes Dan is talking about, he had
better come clean with what is in his larder and I don't mean scotch.



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I agree, a good FAQ would be a good idea. I would be happy to write parts of it. I am good at html as are a few others here and I am sure we could muster the necessary expertise to form the page so Larry would only have to put it on his site and create a link to it from the index page.

There could be sections on:
1. recorders, low end to high end
2. microphones, bargain priced to the high end stuff Neal loves [grin]
3. mixers or mixing boards 4. software packages like Studio Recorder and
Sound Forge 5. Recording techniques, how to get the most out of your

These are just a few ideas, but such an archive would be a good ida and
wil l be happy to help.


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