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  • Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 19:47:33 -0600

Dan and everyone,

I can see where the constant link, link, link of the Jaws man would get very old very quickly. Why not have a text section with articles and place appropriate links at the bottom of each article, like footnotes. Included in this section below the text could be "Related Podcasts" links as well.
Jeff Armstrong
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The problem with a Wiki for those using screen readers is that as you listen, both WE and JFW say the word "link" every time they encounter one. This means that in the paragraphs of text, you keep hearing the word "link" all the time, and frankly, it is incredibly annoying. I refuse to use wikipedia for this reason, pages with dozens or hundreds of links embedded in text are a major pain to listen to.


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