[bct] Re: A grant to purchase recording equipment for the list

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Thanks for understanding Pam.  One thing to be said in defense of the
Olympus recorders is that they are manufactured, after all, to be
dictation units where someone is basically recording voice in a not too
noisy background.  Sure, some people use them in their cars dictating
while they drive to work, but they are more interested in the content
than the quality.  I think people on this list have certainly broadened
the horizons of this recorder by using them in all kinds of situations.
Now, if Olympus would only take notice and say, "OK, what if we give
people the ability to use a manual record level, now that would be nice.

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Oh no, I didn't get the impression that you were out to rate the quality
of our podcasts at all. And even if you did, I wouldn't take offense at
hearing about the shortcomings of my recording equipment. I'm just
really curious about how it actually does perform, because I had liked
the DS-2 so well that I was considering getting another as a backup.
Probably best that I decided to hold off and see what else comes along



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