[bct] Re: A grant to purchase recording equipment for the list

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  • Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 17:07:19 -0700

What I wouldn't give for a decent roecorder and mic! I'm gonna start plotting my ss check lol.
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Pam, I have always enjoyed your podcasts.  And this is not going to turn
into Neal's rating of podcast quality.  That was not my intention at
all.  I know that many of you would get better recordings if you had
better equipment.  And, if the world were a nicer place and you could
all be employed in a manner that matches your talent, you would probably
be able to afford nice recorders and better microphones.  So, again,
this is in no way a comment on the people, but a comment on the
equipment.  I think the biggest problem I find in some recordings is,
what I said before, it's when you are recording something very loud and
the silly limiter in the Olympus takes the volume and starts turning it
up and down.  For example, if I had used an Olympus or any number of
other recorders with an automatic limiter to do the Toyota Prius
podcast, you would have heard a lot more car noise than you heard.  The
reason is that the limiter would allow quiet recorded sections of the
podcast to be left un touched.  However, it would have turned down the
volume when the sound got louder.  The end result of this is that the
loud sounds sound very much the same volume as the soft sounds.  So,
when you hear the car moving along at 60 miles per hour and then you
don't hear it get much quieter when it is driving along at 10 miles per
hour, the tendency is to think that the car is very noisy at low speeds.
This is not the case, but the recorder's limiter has evened out the
levels and thus, the listener is lead to believe that the car is quite
noisy at slow speeds.  Now, I hope this isn't as clear as mud.  Perhaps
hot chocolate?


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I use an Olympus DS-2, and I've been extremely happy with the recording quality. Am I delusional? Neal, you have a more discerning ear than I do so I would be very interested to hear any critiques that you might have of recordings that I've made so that I know if my recorder performs as well as I think it does. I always thought I had a pretty discerning ear myself, until reading observations from people on this list who pick up far more aspects of audio than I do. That reminds me, the "singing roads" that you mentioned in your hybrid cars podcast, Neal. I've heard those, but never thought of them in quite that way so had to chuckle about that.


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