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Well, you could really shake people up and walk around talking into your
razor.  That might be almost as aggravating as hearing other people yell
into their phones.


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When I renewed with singular I got a Motorola V3 razor.
They didn't have any accessible phones that would work with the
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> Hi.  If your new contract with Cingular means you got an accessable 
> phone, then I wouldn't consider it a waste.
> I'm already a T-mobile customer, so I can't get any discount on any 
> accessable phone.  I ended up buyng a Nokia 6670 and Mobilespeak.  The

> combo only cost $535, while a 22C would have cost me $499.  A phone 
> running a screen reader is much more powerful than the 22c.
>          Kenny
> On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 05:24:16PM -0800, Frank Lizarde wrote:
>> Hi Beth,
>> The problem is that I just signed away two years of my life to 
>> singular
>> so
>> I'm stuck!

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