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Kenny, you make an excellent point.  Because the screen readers that
have been developed for phones work on different kinds of phones and
because those phones are usable by persons who are blind as well as
people who can see, my guess is that the screen readers will be around a
lot longer than a phone designed primarily for people who are blind.  It
would seem to me that the number of people who purchase the screen
readers would be more substantial than those who purchase a phone used
by people who are blind because screen reader users have a choice among
some of the better known phones on the market.

Just my opinion based on my knowledge of scotch.


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Hi.  If your new contract with Cingular means you got an accessable
phone, then I wouldn't consider it a waste.

I'm already a T-mobile customer, so I can't get any discount on any
accessable phone.  I ended up buyng a Nokia 6670 and Mobilespeak.  The
combo only cost $535, while a 22C would have cost me $499.  A phone
running a screen reader is much more powerful than the 22c.

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> Hi Beth,
> The problem is that I just signed away two years of my life to 
> singular so
> I'm stuck!

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