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Hi Beth,
The problem is that I just signed away two years of my life to singular so I'm stuck!
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Hey, guys. I wrote to Capital Accessibility and got a most prompt response.
The phone companies are in the mix re this offer. I didn't know this but,
if you go to a phone store and buy a $40.00 phone, know that it really cost
much more. The company is giving you a great discount, since they know they
will make up the cost because of your contract. So, this kind of offer is
not a sign of difficulty. Of course, as with any other specialized company,
they must sell a certain amount to stay solvent. It is my opinion that the
reason Freedom Scientific--and maybe other specialized companies--made it so
far is government contracts, since there are very few blind people who
purchase screen readers and PDAs, when compared to how many blind people
there are. This gap is probably narrowing now, at least slightly, as I
believe employment is a little better among the blind now. This too is my
opinion. What do you guys think? In any case, the phone offer sounds good.

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