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We got our first cell phone in 1995 after our bike broke down and we had to
walk the two miles to the hospital because there was no pay phone on the way
to ask someone with a truck to help us, a person who was mor than willing
had we been able to contact her.  

I got my own phone after I broke my collar bone and had to sit waiting for a
cab one day alone and with no way to call to see it they were on the way or
not.  I seldom use it, but it is always there and ready when I need it.  I
carry it with me whenever I away from home but hardly  anyone has the number
for it, I have it mostly so I can contact the cab company or home when I am
not there.  

Rose Combs

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Dan I suppose I am a curmudgeon also.  Here is a shocking admission:  My 
name is Joni and I am not a cell phone user.  With my current lifestyle, the

only time I miss not having  one is when I am out and there are no pay 
phones.  Pay phones are becoming more and more rare in public places because

everyone uses cell phones.

My brother and mother have both gone exclusively to cell phones.  My 
ten-year-old nephew has one and he spent most of his time playing games on 
it and taking pictures of everyone and then giving everyone funny faces. 
Aunt Curmudgeon doesn't feel it is necessary for a ten-year-old to have a 
cell phone, but, then I am not paying the bill and after all, everyone has 
one so how can he be deprived?

I can understand that cell phones may be quite useful or even in some cases 
necessary, for lots of folks.  Personally I don't mind leaving the house and

being out of contact for a while.  I did have a cell phone four or five 
years ago because I thought I would need it for work contact.  I am not 
ruling out owning a cell phone in the future but have no present plans or 
desire to do so.  Just a minority viewpoint for your amusement.  Now I will 
slink back into my cave.  Smile!


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Beth, I have asked the same question, why text message when you can leave a
voice mail.  I suppose there are some situations when somebody is at a
computer and expecting a text message, but it sounds, well, unnecessary.
But, I also do not understand why anyone would want to browse the web on a
cell phone.

But, being the curmudgeon that I am, I often wonder why cell phones in the
first place?  I managed just fine for years without one, so did everyone
else.  But, if it tweaks your taco, go for it.


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