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I'm not meaning to be a curmudgeon, but changing the subject line to
correspond to the message is something that allows people to know what
they will be reading.  I get 500 emails a day and I may only read the
messages whose subject line tells me that it is a message I want to
read.  So, in this case, I would not have found out about tea, because
the subject says "22C.  Just trying to make things more efficient for
those of us who get flooded with email and I don't mean to rain on
anyone's parade.


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How 'bout from me, one of the Starbucks chai teas. I think that's
right, and JFW said it right.
Jake the Starbucks Junky
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> Dan,
> Does this mean I have to bring my own herbal tea? <smile>
> Mary, who doesn't drink alcoholic beverages

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