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Dan, do you own a restaurant or a coffee shop? If not how did you learn how
to make all these different dishes and coffees?

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Actually Maria, y'all would be welcome.  I've lots of food, Scotch and
wine, not to mention coffee and floor space.  Of course, all visitors must
bring gold so their wishes will come true. [big grin]

The Indian food was delicious, the house smelled like a good Indian
restaurant and the sauce on the pork was hot without being
thermonuclear.  I do like thermonuclear, but most do not, so I tame it
down.  I made raita, a spiced yoghurt and veggie mixture to go on it and
good basmati saffron rice.

A Newcastle Nut Brown ale washes it all down marvelously.  Recipes on
request, though this list is perhaps, not the best place for extremely
detailed food discussions.


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