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Well Mary, you're certainly right about the sound.  I have found that
women's voices are much clearer than men's voices, especially if the
man's voice is low like mine.  I found out the hard way.  I have a
reasonably distinct voice, but the first three people I called on my
cell phone didn't know who I was.  Of course, it's all that compression
going on and I too would rather use a land line.  Has anyone on this
list used Voice over Internet?  You can connect your phone to your cable
or DSL box and it works just like a land line but it's really going over
the internet.  Some of the monthly rates are truly amazing.  But once
again, I have a two year land line contract.  That's the only way these
people make any money.  They know the technology will change the minute
you buy their product, so they stick you with a 2 year contract.  Nice.


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I have never had a cell phone. I can't stand the way they sound. Give me
land line any time!


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