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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:30:59 -0600

May I have some of that curried pork and rice too?
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Joni, sounds like we are in the same cave. I do not want an electronic leash. When I want to be out of touch, I want just that. If I did a lot of foot travelling, I would get a cheap cell with the minimum plan for emergencies but I walk only within the community I live in and there is no need for a cell here.

Perhaps one of my pet peeves is hearing somebody say hello, then responding, only to discover they are talking on a damn cell phone. Another one are the people who talk on cells in restaurants, at the top of their bloody lungs or who use the walkie-talkie feature so we all get to hear both sides of the conversation. Heaven forbid we should only hear one side might get a prejudiced opinion. [grin]

Dan, the curmudgeon, going back to the cave to make pork curry, want some, Joni?

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