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Hello Kristian and welcome to our list.  You seem to have a lot of
interesting info to pass on to us, and I for one will be looking forward to

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> Hi all, I'd just like to say, that this is my first time on the list, I
> recorded 2 reviews, for blind cool tech, not sure if they will get posted
> on the site, but I tried if nothing else, firstly I talked about the sonus
> 1XT talking digital radio, for those of us in the UK, you may already know
> about this, but for the rest of you, I'll talk about it breefley, digital
> radio by it's very nature has a visual side to it as well as the audio you
> get from the radio, a lot of textual information is given about the
> you are listening to, by use of the built in screen, for us as VIPs, it's
> not exactly the most accessible medium to work with, however, Pure digital
> who make the sonus 1XT have changed most of that, they have introduced the
> sonus 1xt which is a self voicing radio, what I mean is, whenever an
> is required such as using the station list, the radio will announce out
> what stations you select using the tuner dial, it also offers access to
> menu system. there are 2 things which currently don't selfe voice, and
> is the manual tune and quite a lot of the on screen information, how ever
> you can get some of the on air info by pressing and holding the info key,
> this spells out the info lettter by letter,
> the other review I did talks about the LG MS283TD talking microwave which
> now sadly is discontinued, it is nearly the same as cobolt systems
> but at a heck of a lower price! what is more, is that a sighted person can
> use it propperly because it has the standard clock on it which the cobolt
> version doesn't have,
> to darren about the bop it blast, I really enjoyed your review of this
> I really think though that they could have added a bit more variation on
> rhythms, I own a bop it extreem 2, and I love it! it's score goes up to
> but you have a heck of a challenge getting there! you have 5 ways of
> interacting wih the bop it, extreem 2, you can bop it, twist it, pull it,
> flick it, and spin it, when you are nearly at the end of the game and it's
> going at a heck of a speed it's a great challenge!
> anyway, I'd just like to say, that I will be doing some more reviews on
> technology I have here, especially some of the more interesting items like
> the radio that are not particularly well known outside the UK, my
> for this is to share with the rest of the world some of the great
> we have here, including a free view television box that gives us audio
> description, the box is made by netgem but has been specially adapted with
> some speech feedback and the ability to receive the audio description
> signals, for those programs that utilise them.
> lastly, I'd just like to say that I enjoy the pod casts from all you
> they are entertaining, but at the same time they are very informative too!
> am one of these creative types and own a yamaha tyros keyboard. when I
> listened to neil's christmas on the kurzweil podcast, I was amazed at the
> quality of the sounds that machine produces, I will hopefully try and
> demonstrate the tyros on a future review, that is when I get myself a
> recording facility, at the moment I either use my pc with CDEX, thanks to
> Riz for pointing that out, or I use an el-cheepo sony flat cassette deck
> who's quality is rather suspect! ok I do have 3 different APH 4 track
> cassette decks, a handy mark 1, a handi mark 2 and a 26+ year old desktop
> version a friend gave me a while back because she reckons it had seen
> days, thing is, I've played with it constantly and it seems to be
> it's ability to work propperly again.
> anyway, I'm in the market for an I-river H340 as a recording station, does
> anyone have such an item and how do you rate it's recording ability? has
> anyone got rockbox installed on one yet? I've heard from a friend that
> rockbox will work on them but it's not fully fledged like the version for
> the H100 series of Iriver jukeboxes.
> anyway, thanks everyone for providing such a cool website, and for the
> comunity spirit this list provides.
> Kristian.

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