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I will send you a sample xml file via attachment. it is what I used to get started.

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Hi gang,
While I am not interested in doing a weekly or even monthly podcast, we do
have some things here that are fairly unique and I thought I would record
our visits to them and put them up for people to get if they wanted,
probably no more than three times a year.
I have a plethora of web space in which to store these possible podcasts--I
am still debating even doing it--so I don't think I would require the
services of feed burner or lybsyn etc.
So here are my questions.
1. Is it indeed true that if I have enough web space on my own sites to
store these files, I would not need a storage service like libsyn?
2. I take it that I would still need to write an xml file to handle the
podcasts and for an aggregator to use as a subscription address if the files
were stored on my own site?
3. Is there a good example of an xml file that I can study?
4. Or is there a tutorial of writing XML I can study from? I know the
basics of HTML and am a quick learner.
And last but not least...
5. Is there an article somewhere on the net or on someone's blog that puts
forth the step by step process of the uploading and distributing of these

If I could have a jumping off point from which to start, I think I can
manage.  And if I chose not to pursue doing anything, I'd still have a
better understanding of how it's all done.
Thank you for any or all input.

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