Re: JFW 7.0 and Sound Forge 5.0

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 23:49:27 -0700

Try hitting control + shift + T.
That should get rid of it.
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Subject: JFW 7.0 and Sound Forge 5.0

Good afternoon everyone,

We recently upgraded from JAWS for Windows 4.51 to Version 7.0. Under
4.51 there were scripts for Sound Forge 5.0 that shipped with JAWS. This is
currently my digital/audio editor of choice. Since the JAWS upgrade whenever
a file is played back JAWS constantly speaks the elapsed time which I
believe appears on the Sound Forge Status Line. Does anyone have scripts for
Sound Forge 5.0 and JFW 7.0 that among other things will address this
problem? I'd be interested in hearing other possible fixes for this problem
as well. I'm thinking that creating a silent frame around the Sound Forge
Status Line would shut it up if there is no scripting for these versions of
these two products. Any Sound Forge Scripts for JFW 7.0 or other fixes for
this problem will be very much appreciated.

Peter Donahue

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