[bksvol-discuss] ellipses

Ever since I learned that you all prefer the ellipses
without the space in between I've been doing it that
way -- except, as Sarah says, I've been leaving a
space after an end-of-sentence period and the three
dots of an elipsis, and a space after the ellipsis and
the next word. I recently noticed in a print book I
was reading that the three dots were together instead
of spaced. I wonder if that's a new publishing


-- Sarah Van Oosterwijck <curiousentity@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> No I did not ask for bookshare's approval because I
> don't feel that DAISY 
> books are more valuable than BRF and therefore I
> choose the better quality 
> result.  Making elipsies without spaces does not
> actually cause any 
> problems in print or for reading aloud.  In fact
> most synthesizers seem to 
> also prefer them that way. I do make sure that if
> there are 4 periods in a 
> row I have the period correctly attached to the
> sentence with a space and 
> then the three dots without spaces.  Word will
> create a special character 
> elipsis if you type three periods in a row, but will
> not create the 
> character if you put spaces between them.  I also
> take that as proof that 
> space-free elipsies are legal, and I don't think
> anyone could change my 
> mind about that. :-)
> Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> Assistive Technology Trainer
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> >I think you have just answered something I have
> been wondering about, the 
> >replacement of periods with elipses. Did you ask
> for Bookshare's approval 
> >or just start doing this? I'm a braille reader too
> so don''t know how this 
> >is handled in the Daisy format but surely is
> annoying when we see the 
> >periods in braille. Also what are you doing about
> words that should be 
> >accented but, of course, are not.
> >
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