[bksvol-discuss] comments on I Ching in Plain English

This is my report on I Ching in Plain English which somebody supposedly validated and then added to the collection.

The validator did not remove the extraneous line breaks which occur in the middle of lines and mean nothing. They do not mark the ends of sentences or paragraphs and ought to be removed. (see Jake's tips for info on how to remove unwanted line breaks.)

Next, as I thought no charts exist in the back of the book in a verbal table form which a blind user can read. As far as I can tell, the "validator" did absolutely nothing except download the book from step 1 and then immediately upload to step 2.

I am frustrated and apalled. I am sorry I was not able to complete my tables in enough of a timely manner to upload books with the kind of quality and readability I want when I download from the New Books List.


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