[bksvol-discuss] Rescan Request: Charles De Lint Books

If anyone has the following books, or could easily obtain them from the
library, all are in the Bookshare collection but in less than excellent
quality.  As a fan of Charles De Lint's writing, I'd be grateful to anyone
who would take these on. There's one book by Terri Windling at the bottom of
the list, just because I remembered it at the last minute.
The Ivory and the Horn:  Good quality
Into the Green:  Good quality
Someplace to be Flying;  Good quality
Trader:  Good quality
Dreams Underfoot:  Fair quality (and one I'd love to read)
Brian Froud's Faerielands:  Fair quality
The Wood Wife (Terri Windling):  Fair quality (another book I'd love to

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