[bksvol-discuss] Re: Removing title of book and author from pagebreaks?

If the OCR engine put a tab between the header and the page number, which would 
make it before the header on the left page and a tab after the header on the 
right page, as my K1000 often does, she could replace the headers with the tabs 
included without fear of deleting the title words appearing elsewhere in the 
book or author's name.

I've removed many headers that way and never removed the wrong text. You may 
not get them all, though, because they may not all be consistently recognized 
or tabbed. But if the tabs are there, you can get quite a lot of them.


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  Be careful not to do a "replace all" because it will also remove the title of 
the book and the author's name from places like the title page, the copyright 
page, anywhere the title may appear in the text of the book, etc.

  Approve each instance of the replace manually.

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