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You have to type the hold in the title field when you upload it. If it is 
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[bksvol-discuss] Re: I was told the following books are garbage scrap them 
10/31/2009 9:53:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time  
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Hi everyone!

Please don't throw Gwen's books out.  I'm proofing "Rebel With A Cause", 
and the quality of the scan is quite good and easy to follow, so I suspect 
her other books are similar quality that she listed in this message.  If no 

one else wants to proof them, I can eventually do it.  I only check out one 

book at a time so that I don't feel overwhelmed.  If you want to put a hold 

on Gwen's other books for me if all of you would rather prooff other books, 

since I don't know how to do that, that would ve fine.  For the future, how 

do you put a hold on a book?


At 05:07 AM 10/29/2009, gwen tweedy wrote
>Attention everone:
>Unless somebody lets me see some  reedeeming qualities I mean if they 
>are  personally doing them and they can let me know at
>it will be upto you.
>Bob will not be reading them himself, but Bob will be scanning my books 
>from now on and I'll  do what I can to take out errors as far as I can but 

>the fonts stuff I don't feel capable of fixing the final proofer will need 

>to do these things.  But I will no longer be scanning period! please and 
>thank you take note of the following books and what you choose to do about 

>them I leave upto the powers tha be who know better than I if a person 
>could if they could put them on the wish list I had hoped and prayed such 
>books could go into the library. This is and was not to be I was told they 

>were all garbage so that is what I'm going by so that is the sorry sad 
>state of affairs for Gwen.
>  The list is as follows:
>Four Little Blessings Merrillee Whren
>That Wilder Boy Kim Vogel  Sawyer
>The Forbidden  Beberly Lewis
>When The Soul Mends Cindy Smallwood
>Rebel With a Caus life story of Franklin Graham
>White  Christmas Pie  Wanda E. Brunstetter
>The Longing Beverly Lewis
>  Gwen
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