[birdky] late Reports: Whip or Will and Chimney Swifts

Saturday morning 10/18 I heard a whip or will.   It only called about 5 times, 
and I figured it was the last for this season.   Sounded a little strange, but 
clearly a whip.
Last night I was in Sandy Hook, and as I came out of the grocery store I heard 
the twittering of Chimney Swift.  About 30 or so were circling around.   We 
have an old chimney at my Dad's that had a nest, but they have been gone for 
awhile now.  It was good to see and hear them, it might be the last till next 
Enjoy KOS, I will not be able to be there....
Happy Fall Warbling, 
Evelyn Morgan
Elliott County


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