[birdky] Sloughs Wednesday.

18 June 2008

4AM came awfully early this morning. Especially after I stayed up and watched the NBA Finals and the celebration last night.

I was up at 4AM so I could get to Pond Creek Marsh before daylight to enjoy the sunrise and early birds.

5AM to 10:30AM
57º rising to 79º, clear calm. I could have used some wind: the gnats were driving me crazy.

Pond Creek Marsh, McDonald Landing Road, West Franklin Road, Hardy Slough, Shorebird Unit.


Least Bittern at PCM
Great Egrets: 1 overflew PCM, 8 at Hardy Slough
Orchard Oriole: 1 female I keep seeing at Hardy Slough dam
Baltimore Oriole: 1 male at PCM
Dickcissels: everywhere, 1 at PCM just a few feet outside my Jeep posing for photos
LARK Sparrow: 1 at McDonald Landing Road posing for great photos.

West Franklin Road: just some Killdeer, it looks like the water there should have some shorebirds, the shorebirds do not agree.
Shorebird Unit: just some Great Blue Herons

Fox on McDonald Landing Road
Gnats everywhere.

For what its worth: we have not had any infestation of Cicadas at all.

Henderson Co.

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