[birdky] RPT: Falls of the Ohio, 8/26/2008

Eddie Huber and I scanned the Falls of the Ohio for an hour or so this
morning. The day was much brighter than I had anticipated, with all the
clouds and rain FAR off to the southeast, so there wasn't a lot of
fallout apparent with the nearly clear skies and brisk northeast wind.
Shorebirds (most of the non-Killdeer looked like juvies):
Killdeer -- probably at least 50
Lesser Yellowlegs -- 1
Spotted Sandpiper -- 2
Least Sandpiper -- ca. 20
Semi Sandpiper -- 2-3
Probable Western Sandpiper -- looked good but just a bit too far to be
Stilt Sandpiper -- 1
Short-billed Dowitcher -- 1
Caspian Tern -- 7
Blue-winged Teal -- 2
Northern Pintail -- 1
Plus the usual suspects.
bpb, Frankfort

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