[birdky] Possible Skua in TN

Since much speculation seems to abound about the identify of the above  bird, 
Jon Dunn asked me to post his thinking on this bird to both the KY &  TN 
listserves.  I cannot seem to find how to join the TN list; so, maybe  someone 
forward this for me.
The bird appeared very thick and stocky necked.  Had a very broad tail  with 
no central tail points.  The wings were broad and not especially  pointy.  It 
had very skua like crescent shaped white wing patches and was a  uniform 
rather dark brown in coloration with some warmer brown tones around the  nape. 
Jon felt it looked like a skua, although he kept trying to talk himself  into 
the bird being a Pomarine Jaeger being well aware that there is only one  
interior record for North America.  Hence, the caution.  Bill shape  was 
Many photos were taken; and although they may not be of excellent quality,  
they may reveal whether the bird was a skua or a Pomarine Jaeger.
Anyway, Jon wanted his opinion posted.  He is currently at the  reservoirs 
around Dayton, OH, hoping to fine some rarities for us.  I will  post if he 
finds anything.
Sue Tackett

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