[birdky] Friday Sloughs


7AM to 11:30AM

43º clear rising to 68º

Wood Tract north of 268, Anderson Pond, Pond Creek Marsh, Gentle Pond, Shorebird Unit dike


The Eagle nest at Gentle Pond is being worked on and is slightly taller.

White-fronted Geese
Canada Geese
Snow Geese
Black Ducks
Green-winged Teal
Am. Widgeons
Red-tailed Hawk
Bald Eagles adult over PCM, Imm over Wood Tract, Adult at nest at Gentle Pond, Adult at Anderson Pond
N. Harriers
Turkey 10 at PCM (I have seen turkey near PCM for two weeks)
Wilson's Snipe
Lesser Yellowlegs at sandspit at PCM
Belted Kingfisher at Gentle Pond
Brown Creeper at Gentle Pond
Golden-crowned KInglet at GP
Ruby-crowned Kinglet at GP
Yellow-rumped Warbler 15
They have been working the same Poison Ivy berries at this tree at Gentle Pond Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!
E. Meadowlarks, I saw more today then in several years: ~25
Brown-headed Cowbirds
Dark-eyed Juncos
Field Sparrows everywhere
White-throated Sparrows
Swamp Sparrows
Song Sparrows

The Sparrows that fly up out of the brush and then duck back down are driving me crazy.

Henderson Co.

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