[bcbirdclub] Waterfowl - Russell County

Since it was a day fit only for ducks, I went looking
for waterfowl. Did alright.

2 American Black Ducks - Little River at Clifton
2 Hooded Mergansers - Stuarts Pond
2 Wood Ducks - Mudhole at Elk Garden
2 Northern Pintails - Mudhole at Elk Garden
100+ Mallards - Mudhole at Elk Garden
25 - Canada Geese - Various Locations Above.


6 Wilsons Snipe - Forty Foot Bridge Elk Garden
12 Killdeer - Elk Garden

Others of note-

3 Red-tailed Hawks
1 Red-shouldered Hawk
1 Coopers Hawk
3 Great Blue Herons
15 Common Ravens
2 American Kestrels
1 Loggerhead Shrike

At the feeder today:
4 Purple Finch
1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
1 Fox Sparrow
Also we heard cedar Waxwings in the woods bhind the house.

Tom & Laverne Hunter

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